Having the freedom and ability to pack up and leave for the weekend whenever we want is something I have learned to love and definitely do not take for granted. At first this was a rough concept for me to grasp as my little OCD heart loves a good planned out trip with an itemized report of everything we will do. Todd is the complete opposite of me and is so good at going with the flow of the day without any type of plan. He has shown me that there is beauty and value in wandering and being spontaneous.  Lately we have had this thought process in the back of our minds and we have mastered the quick trips filled with easy meals and turning the bed of his truck into our make shift tent for the night.

The San Rafael Swell has easily become one of my favorite places in the state. Todd took me there for Memorial Day Weekend to hike around and ever since it’s been at the top of my list for places I have to go back to. The hot sunny days are perfectly paired with the warm nights and ideal sleeping conditions. My only worry and concern when we are down there, is Todd packing around enough water for me so I don’t get thirsty. (He has hastily learned that I can through a 24 pack of bottled water in two days by myself.) The vast open space that surrounds you is breath taking and the feeling of knowing you are walking through old Indian camps in massive canyons and desolate areas is very humbling. It has a way of grounding you and giving you a sense of being and purpose.  Walking for miles seems effortless when there is so much to look for and endless trails and ridges to follow. This past weekend was nothing short of incredible and after we had been hiking for a few hours we stumbled upon an enormous canyon and just sat on the edge with our feet dangling over the sides. We marveled at the perfection we were surrounded by. I would highly recommend to anyone that is looking for somewhere new to go, to go here, and I will most likely ask if I can come along. Just an hour outside of Price, Utah and you really will feel like you have discovered a piece of heaven here on earth.



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