I truly believe that the people you choose to spend your time with will influence you more than anything else in this world. I have been lucky enough to have a life full of amazing family and friends who have guided me through various stages in my life. Two of the most incredible people in my life now are Todd, and his daughter Gracie. The three of us were brought together when Todd and I started to date, but I know that we all knew each other and interacted together before we came to earth. Our bond is so unbelievably strong and unique that we were destined to find each other. They have become my family. I don’t believe that family only means you are bonded together by blood. It doesn’t matter how you are brought together on earth; but that once you are, you cherish each other and learn and grow from one another. You help each other and motivate one another to move forward.  You experience life together. Even though we have a family we are born into, we can also create our own family with those we choose to spend our time with.

These two have been by my side and made each experience and place we have gone much more magical because I have been able to share it with people I love. Not only have I come away with my own perceptions I have also been able to learn about life from their points of view.  It has opened up my own eyes to recognize something I might not have seen were it not for them. I find it so interesting that three people can sit side by side and come away with a difference in perspective of any particular event. We all have value and something unique to bring to one another. We all have different ways of thinking and various outlooks on life.  If we take those people around us into consideration we can always learn from them, grow from them, and become better people because of them, or despite of them.

As the summer is winding down and we sit on the back porch to try and hold on to the warmth that is fading fast we reflect and reminisce on where we’ve been. We’re staring out into the captivating sunset and looking at the grassy hillsides talking about all the places we want to go this fall. While it is amazing to travel and see the world I want to emphasize how calming it can be to sit in your own backyard and relish in the still and calm of the night with people you love. I want to continue to explore and seek out the rare locations around us, but I also want to discover and appreciate the everyday moments and enjoy each day as it comes. There is always beauty nearby if we open our hearts and eyes to it.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Watch The Sun Go Down

  1. Well written. It is a beautiful thing to ‘touch’ that place within and recognise the beauty that we share with some amazing people. They help us to climb our own mountains, as we do theirs, pick us up when we stumble, and in doing so, share a love that we all strive for in this beautiful journey that we do…whether in a scenic landscape or just holding each others hands.
    A great share, in heart, and the beautiful photo’s of a journey well travelled 🙂

    1. Wow thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment and thank you for reading! It’s always nice when someone else understands what I mean and feels the same way! The people in our lives truly make each moment special!

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