Inspired by Alisa’s Travel Theme Challenge.

This top picture was from a flight I took to Denver last winter. Planes are the quickest way to get to a certain destination, but for me, traveling this way is more for convenience instead of enjoyment. This form of transportation leaves me anxious and irritated. Anyone else get like this? Airports are so tiresome because you are dealing with large crowds of people and lengthy lines. The plus side? You can be on the other side of the world in a day.



Union Station, Denver, CO. Trains…The lost way to travel. Does anyone go anywhere by train anymore? We walked by Union Station while we were in Denver and it made me want to ride the Amtrak! I love to think about people traveling by train back in the day, and how it was more of an “event” for them, not just a means to get somewhere as quick as possible. People dressed up in their best dress to go to the train station and traveled across the country for days. I wish it was still like that. I imagine Todd and I dressed up in fancy attire with our trunk full of clothes being carted in behind us.



My random but favorite form of transportation lately. With a four-wheeler the transportation and ride is part of the journey. Here, there is no sense of urgency just to get somewhere and “start” your adventure. We have had many escapades made up of four-wheeler rides that have taken us up dirt roads and mountains.  Some even being so steep and rocky I’m afraid we will fall off the sides, but it is always a great time and leaves us with lots of laughs and stories to tell. (Like that time we got chased by a pack of sheep dogs! I’ll have to write about it someday….)

Transportation can be an entertaining addition to any adventure. We have probably all heard the cliché saying “getting there is half the fun,” but it definitely rings true. The fun comes in the journey to get where you are going, including your form of transportation.

Plus random side note: here is a quote that I love and I’m throwing it in here just because it has the word “transportation” in it. 😉

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.” Margaret Shepard

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  1. Great article, I travel a great deal by plane, and totally share your views. Trains are my favourite form of travel, and I’ve done quite a few journeys in recent years in Europe – there are some awesome train rides in Switzerland!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so interested in trains and would love to book a quick trip somewhere and travel by train! It seems so elegant and exciting! Thanks for your comment! 😊

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