“I had the great opportunity to travel all over Utah this summer and had some unforgettable experiences that forever changed me. From deep in the heart of the Uinta Mountains where I slept outside in freezing cold weather, to the furthest slot in Zion National Park where I hiked all day with a sweat stained t-shirt — and everything in between.”

Above is an excerpt from an article that I wrote for Misadventures Magazine. It’s an overview of some of the adventures Todd and I went on this summer and what we ran into while we were out! I would love for all my blogger friends to check it out and let me know what you think…if you like it give it some love and share it on Facebook!

Here is the link!


Do any of you run into this problem when you go out to travel and explore??

24 thoughts on “Leaving Traces 

  1. Love the photos. We have a similar problem in New Zealand with freedom campers who leave rubbish and other unmentionables in our paradise backyard. It is spoiling our natural beauty and makes me want to cry that these people don’t respect our environment.

  2. Well written! I absolutely hate when people destroy nature with their trash. It’s like we travel to expect to see the Beauty in nature and when it’s tarnished its such a shame. Nonetheless the photos you took were beautiful- gets me very eager to visit Utah in my near future!

    1. Exactly! That’s why I love to go out in hopes of something beautiful and refreshing but to see garbage like that just makes me sad! Hopefully some people can wise up so the problem doesn’t get worse! Utah is amazing with so many great sites and we all want it to stay that way! Thanks for reading!! I’m excited for you to visit Utah too!

  3. Such a shame to see it! Utah is such a beautiful state, and it should be respected by all visitors. I actually feel like I hardly saw any rubbish on the streets of New York City last week. Great that I didn’t really see any, but you would expect the big city to be the messy place, not the gorgeous countryside.

    1. That’s great news!! You would expect to see it in a big city so I’m so glad you didn’t! Did you love New York?? I need to plan a trip there! It’s one of those places you just need to see!

      1. Loved New York!! I’ve always loved New York though. So much to see, great architecture, great shops, central park, cute little parks and squares, easy to find your way around, amazing views. You definitely have to go!!

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