Hey everyone! It’s been a while since our last post as we haven’t been getting out much because of this crazy, unbearable winter we have had this year in Utah. We are both counting down the days until the snow melts and spring is here so we are finding ways to pass the time. This past Sunday we took a short drive around the frozen lake close to our house to check out the ice that was smashed up against the shore looking like giant icebergs. With the foggy, icy background we think we got some cool pictures. What do you think?  

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    • It was such a cool area! There were huge snowflakes on top of the ice too that made everything shimmer in the sunlight! It was just freezing cold!

      • Ha! I have a good friend who once said to me, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad dressing.” I’ve tried to live by that advice… keep it as my mantra as I hike in the mountains in the winter. Most times I’m good with it but there are times when I silently curse her! 🙂 I still think I’d take cold over sweltering, energy-zapping hot….

      • Being prepared for weather makes all the difference! At least when it’s warm out you can take layers off, but if it’s too cold and you don’t have enough to keep warm it makes for a miserable experience! Lol… I love the different seasons we get, but after a long freezing winter I’m getting ready for sunshine and tank tops again! Haha!

  1. Utterly beautiful, even if it has stranded you from your beloved hikes. Here in New England we are suffering from lack of snow. My snowboarding to be grandson is very disappointed. He and Grandpa got in one sledding day, but that was all.

    • Oh we definitely don’t have a shortage of snow that’s for sure! It’s been hitting our area hard the past month! Wish we could share some of it with you so they could go sledding a bit more! Lol… we are wishing of sunshine and you are wishing for snow! 😊 thanks for reading!

  2. Could have fooled us on where the pictures could have been! Having just returned from -27C temperatures barely a month ago, these reminded us of the ice and snow sculpures!

    • That sounds sooooo cold!!! Where was that at?? We had a week here where it never got above freezing and all I wanted to do was stay inside under the blankets! Haha.. going out and seeing this was much needed after a few weeks stuck inside, but it was still so cold and we didn’t last long!

  3. I am also counting down the days until summer, but the winter I am experiencing in London is nothing to what you have in Utah! The photos are amazing

    • Thank you!! We have definitely had a rough winter here! But for us any winter is a tough one…lol… we are definitely summer people!

  4. Wow you captured some really cool angles in those photos there. The ice is unlike anything I’ve seen (maybe because I haven’t been to Utah yet 😉 ) but really its fascinating how it’s laid out like that. Great photography skills!

    xo, JJ

    • Thanks Jenny!! Todd is amazing with the camera! The lake really did look so cool iced over especially the way it piled up like that! One of the few things I like about winter! 😉

  5. Awesome pictures. It is amazing that something so simple can be so interesting to look at.

  6. Great photos! The ice looks amazing. Didn’t realise it got that cold in Utah. Fortunately no snow or ice here in the UK! It’s beautiful to look at but makes going anywhere a nightmare.

    • Thanks! It does get very cold here! January can be a dreary, miserably cold month that’s for sure! It definitely makes going places a nightmare! Hoping it starts to warm up soon!

  7. Wow, this is glorious! You took some wonderful photos. 🙂 I’m in Southern California, and you helped me to be extra grateful for where I am. Thanks, Melanie and Todd. So good to connect.
    Have a wonderful (and warm!) weekend,

  8. Awesome and weather always provides the best shots. ❤ pssst it’s finally getting warmer and don’t want to jinx it.

    • This sunshine makes me so happy!! Just soaking it up for now cause with the finicky spring weather it’s warm one day and snowing the next! Lol.. here’s to an early spring that lasts! 😊👍

  9. These are beautiful pictures! I never get tired of sunset pictures!!

  10. These pictures are very beautiful and very cool. Thanks for sharing with us.

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