One of our favorite trips from last year was when we went down to Zion in the fall because we loved being able to see the colorful fall leaves paired with the red rock backdrop.  Since we haven’t had a chance to make it down to Zion this year yet, we decided to drive down for a quick day trip this past weekend. As you all probably know the crowds in Zion can be massive and crazy, so we chose to hike a less traveled trail to escape some of the people. We drove through the park and set off on the East Rim Trail for the afternoon which meandered through the canyon and took you around the huge ponderosa pine trees. If any of you are looking for a new hike to do and avoid the long lines of people we recommend checking this trail out!

We also drove to Kolob Road on the other side of the park, stopping at a few of the local tourist shops along the way. There are so many unique stores with some of the coolest stuff in these small shops and it can be a fun way to break up what you do during the day and escape the heat. While we were cruising along we passed a herd of Desert Big Horn Sheep right on the side of the road!  It was such a cool experience to be so close to these animals and see them in their natural habitat.  Even though this was a quick trip and we didn’t get to explore as much as we wanted to it was a fun get away and we were able to see stuff we had never seen before which always makes for a great time!


29 thoughts on “Zion

  1. Glad to see you got out and about to Zion last weekend. And seeing those big horns up-close is awesome. We have been wanting to see them since house sitting in Colorado. The colors of the trees look lovely right now, don’t they? Where do you guys live? Cedar City area? We are in Bryce Canyon NP right now for a couple of days and will do a quick visit to the Kolob area of Zion this weekend (from a friend’s house) and then hopefully see the main part of Zion on Monday. Very excited to be in Utah with our camper van and explore some of you amazing national parks in between house sits!!!

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    1. Yes it was so pretty this time of year for sure! I love fall because the scenery just explodes with color and adds a little extra to the already amazing views there are down there. We live further north than that but it’s an easy drive for us to head that way when we need to get away! Southern / eastern Utah are our “go-to” spots! 😃 having a camper van is definitely the way to do it! We would love one some day! Let us know how Kolob was when you went! When we were there it was a little windy but we loved being able to see areas of Zion without the massive crowds! Thanks so much for following along on our adventures with us!!


    1. We love Zion!! It’s so gorgeous and seeing it in multiple seasons really is the best! My favorite would be in fall since it’s a little less busy and you get the pretty fall leaves everywhere! I hope you get a chance to go back!

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  2. I like to see others truly experience life with “experiences” rather than waste away into a 9-5 life. Can’t take it with you.


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