OK we have officially become the worst bloggers out there. We’ve still been living our lives and getting outside and trying to make new memories for our family… but we just haven’t been that great at documenting it lately. Here’s to another shot at it and new commitment? Lol 

Spring in Utah has been a rainy wet one! While that has made it a little trickier to plan camping trips with a one year old, it’s made the scenery completely beautiful and so so green! In years past it has felt like we have gone directly from a freezing cold winter, to a hot dry summer. So we loved finally being able to enjoy an actual spring with the fresh dewy air and green mountains and landscapes for a change. 


When it was just the two of us we used to be able to pick up and go wherever and whenever we wanted. If we decided we wanted to go to the desert on a Thursday night we could pack up quickly and head out that night, now it’s not as easy… but we are making a point to still keep up with our outdoor/adventure lifestyle. Some people think that having babies and kids prevents you from still doing what you love, and it doesn’t have to. For us, all it means is that now we have to be a little more prepared and plan ahead. Even though this blog was started as a way to document our crazy weekly adventures with the two of us, we want to show everyone how we are still able to adventure with kids, and share our tips and tricks of camping with a baby 😊who loves to eat dirt.


 Me being me, and a paranoid new mama… I was worried at first to take our baby out because of the bugs! Our remote style of camping is usually just finding a secluded spot where we are away from crowds of people… but that usually means we are in the middle of nowhere and the bugs and gnats in the desert are the worst! I’m not a fan of bug spray because of some of the ingredients – so I used my background knowledge and training to make my own options. Making homemade citronella candles to burn at our campsite, and my own natural bug spray for keeping the bugs away from us and the babe, and not just lathering up in chemicals that can do more harm than good. They work like a charm and are just some of the new things that have been added to our, “must pack list” 😊


Citronella Candle

1 pound filtered beeswax

½ cup melted coconut oil 

2 tsp citronella essential oil 

2 tsp lemon essential oil 

1 tsp eucalyptus essential oil 

Medium wicks (with sticker so you can attach them to the bottom of the jar and the wick won’t float as the candle starts to melt. )

2 mason jars (or buckets like pictured) 

Melt the Beeswax and coconut oil over low heat in a double boiler (Or a large pot of simmering water with a smaller pot resting inside.)

Once the wax is melted remove from heat and stir in essential oils. (do this fast because the wax will harden as it begins to cool) 

Use a pencil to prop the wick up to keep it centered as the wax cools, and allow to completely harden for 24 hours before using. 


For my homemade Bug Spray I use the ingredients below!

8 oz water

8 oz Witch Hazel 

20 drops Citronella Essential Oil 

10 Drops Lemongrass Essential Oil 

8 Drops Geranium Essential Oil 

5 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil 

Mix everything in a glass spray bottle and spray away! 


 Now you have the perfect homemade candle to take with you on your next excursion to keep the bugs away at night and the bugspray to keep the bugs away during the day. 



Stay tuned to see where we travel to next and what other tips we might share!

37 thoughts on “Camped

  1. So glad you aren’t letting the baby lead your life. We always felt the same way. We continued to live the way we wanted, it just included more individuals. Love your homemade candles and spray.

    1. It has made it more fun for us to have another person to share our adventures with! It’s like visiting places again for the first time when you see it through their eyes!

  2. I am always glad to hear from you however long the interval. I especially like the back pack with a built in sun screen for the baby. Great choice.

    1. Yes this backpack is sooo amazing!! We love it and so does the little one! Especially on sunny days it’s nice to have the shade right there. And we are so glad we still have friends following along even though our blog posts are few and far between lately!

      1. A question. If we were to visit Zion what month do you suggest and what airport do you think we should fly into. Since we are coming from New England we need to fly but will rent a car once we are there. Thanks.

      2. Oh that’s so excited to come visit!!! We would recommend the fall for optimal time… it’s a little less busy (but due to how popular this park is now it is still fairly busy regardless when you visit) but the cooler temps in the fall and the amazing color you get to see with the leaves changing is breathtaking! It’s my favorite time to go there for sure!!
        For an international flight your best option is to probably fly into Salt Lake City… as some of the other smaller airports aren’t international unless you have a connecting flight. It would be about a four hour drive from there 😬😬 but so worth it and there are so many fun hikes and views in the park!

  3. I’m glad to see and read that you guys are still out and about. Having a baby doesn’t need to put an end to that, obviously. Everything just goes a bit slower. I’ve akways thought that taking kids on adventures or world travel is the best of educations, so enjoy!

    Nice that you created your own bug deterrent. A bit cumbersome to make in our van, so we will stick to our mosquito netting. 🙂 Have fun!

    1. Yes things are definitely a different pace now but so much fun!! It brings a whole new perspective to our lives! Hopefully we can just be better about blogging now! Lol

  4. Of course your life is different now, not being the two of you anymore, but I think you are still making the most of it and new adventures are always around the corner. They just need a little extra planing now 😉

    1. Yes they definitely need a little extra planning now 😂 but it’s so fun and like visiting places for the first time again seeing it through his eyes!!
      So glad to still have you following along 😀

  5. We are always impressed by couples who have no qualms including and immersing their babies in their outdoor adventures. Giving them an early start will make them appreciate nature down the road.
    Yes, with the wet summer lots of spring flowers were still in bloom in June.

  6. It’s awesome that your little one is getting to experience this. Love the backpack with it’s built in sunscreen. Not much of a camper myself

  7. I couldn’t imagine taking my 1 year old on trips like this, not bcz it’s not ok. But bcz my kids were into everything! Esp my oldest, he had no fear!

  8. thanks for the bug repellent information. Just love your pictures. I think its great that the baby goes along with yous – a great adventure.

  9. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and the recipe for the bug repellent candle. I love camping just the fresh air makes me feel so free!

  10. That seems like a great recipe for homemade bug spray. Even though it is fall there are still plenty of bugs around. I will be making the spray this week. Thanks.

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