I’ve said it so many times before, but Fall in Utah is my favorite season ever! I love when the leaves start to change and the mornings start to get crisp, but the afternoons are still warm… and I really love the yummy comfort food I can start cooking again 😉 but what I love the most about fall is going camping. Something about being in the mountains this time of year just makes me so happy!

Last week we decided to take advantage of a weekend that we didn’t have anything going on and head down to Capital Reef. Since we decided the day  before we were going to leave we didn’t have much time for planning and preparation but threw together our stuff as quick as we could so we could wake up the next morning and make the drive. Our timing has to be pretty spot on now for our road trips since we are doing it with a 16 month old baby 😉

Once we got to Capital Reef we decided that we should keep going. Sometimes we never really know where we are going to end up until we get there, and we knew that this wasn’t our destination yet and decided to drive out of the desert and through the mountains to Boulder, Utah. The winding road to the campsite takes you through the prettiest area, and looking out over the edge of the mountain top you can see all around you. The fall leaves were already changing and the mountains were really showing off their vibrant colors for us! The area is so vast and untouched and there is so much land! We usually like to camp in more remote, isolated areas, which is why we opted out of Capital Reef, and drove here… and we were so glad we did!

As soon as we got there and set up camp it started to pour down rain, so the first night we were stuck in our tent – but made the best of the situation and were just glad to be outside and away from city life for a few days! The next couple of days the weather was perfect and warm and we got some good hiking and mostly relaxing in. Our baby loves the mountains as much as we do, and had the best time even just playing in the dirt.

There are also so many lakes around this area if you like to fish! Next time we will definitely be taking our fishing poles with us! You can also drive into town if you need to restock on supplies, or want to grab a warm meal. Whenever we go to random cities I like to find little places to eat that you won’t get anywhere else. Hell’s Backbone Grill has fresh food and it’s on the cutest homestead too! If camping isn’t your style and you want to visit Boulder, look up Boulder Mountain Lodge. It will still give you that mountain getaway feel, but you’ll have a nice room and a hot shower. We also stopped at Magnolia’s food truck for some avocado toast…because we can’t ever pass up avocado toast 🙂

If you are interested in visiting state parks, there is the Anasazi State Park Museum where you can go and see real Anasazi ruins. They also have so many artifacts and arrowheads and pottery… it was so cool to see and learn about the history in Boulder and see how people lived long ago!


While this was a short and sweet trip it was much needed and the perfect getaway! Out of all the years we’ve been traveling and exploring Utah we were surprised with ourselves that we haven’t ever been to this spot before! It was definitely our style and we can’t wait to go back!

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    1. I definitely tried to be mindful of that while we were away! He doesn’t get this very often at home just to play without someone telling him no 😂 I think it’s so good for them to be able to do this too! 🙌

      1. I remember my daughter gleefully eating sand at the beach at that age. I did stop her, but she was having a wonderful time.

  1. This looks like a beautiful area. I have never been to Boulder before. I would love to be able to do this with my family. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. Those pictures look like heaven to me. And I am seriously hoping to come out to Utah next year. And maybe stop in Wyoming and Montana too. Thanks for the article.

  3. I’m happy to read that you got out again for the weekend and that you had a good time. I saw Boulder on the map of Utah when we drove through the southern part. Not to be mixed up with Boulder, Colorado! 🙂 Maybe we’ll check it out next time we drive through Utah as well.

    1. What’s funny is that when he said we are close to Boulder so we should just go there in my head I first thought he meant Boulder Colorado. lol I didn’t u sweat and how we had driven that far so fast 😂🤣
      Boulder Utah is such a cute little
      Town tucked away in the mountains though! I’d you get the chance and drive through you guys need to
      Stop! You would love it!

  4. I thought you were in Boulder CO. I had never heard of Boulder UT. Looks beautiful and a great place to explore.

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