One of my favorite traditions we started years ago was going to the mountains and chopping down our own Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving. I practically count down the days until we can get our tree every year, and seeing as Thanksgiving was late this year – it felt like I had to wait forever!

We’ve already had a few snow storms so the roads were packed with snow as we drove the windy roads up the mountain. This was one of those days I was thankful for a husband who can navigate crazy roads/weather and a 4 wheel drive truck 😉

The last few years we’ve gone to get our tree it’s been on sunny days, so hunting for our tree in a snowstorm was definitely a change for us. It did make it fun to get out and walk around in the snow, and then let our toddler “try” to walk in it because it came up to his waist! While the snow slowed things down a bit, we were still able to find the perfect tree!

It’s always a fun time getting outside and getting the Christmas season started for us. I love making memories that our kids get excited about too. By the time we got home at the end of the day, we were wet and tired – but still had the best time decorating our tree as we watched Christmas movies.


Getting our tree is definitely one of my favorite things about Christmas! What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

19 thoughts on “The Hunt

    1. Ahhhh!!!! I always do that! Glad I could give you a glimpse into this weather ❤️ whenever I see posts on the other side of the world I wish I was there 😂

  1. What a fun day! Not surprised you look forward to it every year. 🙂 We get our from a local family run farm; not as exciting, but I still look forward to picking out the perfect tree every year.

  2. I envy your very tall ceiling! We go to a great family owned farm called “Charlie Brown’s” and cut one each year. We have to constantly remind the grandkids as well as ourselves that the ceiling isn’t as tall as the desired trees. My favorite Christmas things include the music at church, the tree and all the Hallmark mechanical things I have acquired over the years.

    1. It’s the only room in our house with a tall ceiling! 😂 I wanted a tree talk enough to reach the ceiling so I’m glad we found a good tall one!
      And I love all of those things about Christmas that you mentioned too! ❤️

  3. No Christmas traditions for us while we’re on the road. I don’t even think we get to spend any of the holidays with friends either, unless we run into someone in Northern Florida by then. 🙂 Your tree story reminds me to take out the small plastic Christmas tree a friend gave me once. It’s tiny, but it’ll be the only X-Mas decoration we will have in our camper van this winter.

    1. Yes take it out!!! What a fun different experience to be on the road though! Always traveling to new and exciting areas! Maybe some day we will be able to do that too!

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