I think we can all agree that life has been crazy the past few months! Nothing is normal, pretty much everyone is working from home, homeschooling their kids, and there is so much uncertainty that a lot of people are crippled with anxiety. With everyone’s schedules and routines interrupted – it felt good to finally be able to go back to one of our familiar places that we love – and leave the craziness of the world behind for awhile. A place that feels just as much like “home”, as being “home” does.

With the warm weather and State Parks and recreation areas finally starting to open again in Utah, we decided to head down to the San Rafael Swell for a day excursion and show our little man one of our favorite adventure spots! The sun was shining, the weather was perfect, and being able to wander around in the desert felt amazing!

This little dude loves the outdoors as much as we do, and he had a blast running around, playing in the sand, and collecting rocks! Even though this was a short trip, it was so fun to be able to be somewhere we love and enjoy the outdoors, without any people around. Definitely our favorite form of social distancing 😉

Thankfully Todd can still pack this kid around in our hiking backpack, because we’ve got another little explorer joining our family this summer that I’m packing around 🙂

I love that we are still able to do our favorite things, it just takes a little more planning now to have everything you need for your toddler, and enough snacks for a pregnant mama too! One thing I can’t live without when we are exploring and going on adventures in the sun, is my Mineral Sunscreen from Young Living! I have a whole wellness account on Instagram where I teach classes on natural products and non toxic living. To learn more, make sure you follow indieoils or click, Here


We can’t wait to go back for an overnight camping trip! While it was always a blast just the two of us hiking for days and sleeping under the stars, it’s even better to see your kids experience and explore somewhere new for the first time. Even better than that, is when they love your favorite adventure spots as much as you do! Our adventures just keep getting better and better.


9 thoughts on “The First Swell

  1. How wonderful to hear from you. I almost cut you from the list of posts I follow, but just kept hoping you would write again. Your boy is so very cute and congratulations on growing number 2!

    1. Thanks!! I know we’ve been bad at keeping up the blog but I keep making new goals to be better with it 🤣 I’m so glad you’re still following along!

  2. Congratulations on baby number 2! Your little boy is getting so big, and he is really cute. Enjoy your little family, and your travels together.

  3. Congratulations with your pregnancy, Melanie! What a beautiful and adventurous family! I love all the smiles and the fact that you managed to eat out and about again. I’m jealous of the Utah weather right now! Can you believe it is snowing here, today, in Massachusetts…

    1. Oh wow snow still?! We usually get a late snow storm sometime in May- thankfully it’s been pretty nice weather so far! We’re trying to soak up the sun before it starts to get too hot! 🤣

  4. Melanie, your son is so adorable! Really glad that you were able to visit, he looks very happy. 🙂 Congratulations too––you’re pregnant? Many blessings to you.

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