Always outside, always on some kind of adventure! This little monkey would be outside all day, everyday if we let him! And we aren’t complaining about that 😉 Whenever we get the chance we are taking him to explore the outdoors and see new things. Hearing his giggle as he looks around at all the birds chirping and the river flowing next to us, is one of my favorite things. He’s definitely a little daredevil, and it scares me – that he isn’t scared of anything. He’s almost two and already trying to climb trees and hang over the river… thankfully he’s got the best daddy who will sit on big branches and throw rocks in the water over and over and over again! Because for a toddler, something like this never gets old!

While being outside all of the time is definitely our favorite, one thing we aren’t too fond of – is that the warmer weather brings out the nasty, pesky bugs! Once I had this little man I became super conscious of what products I used on myself, and especially him! I always opt for more natural products and ingredients, and one of the things I do is make my own bug spray using essential oils. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this recipe, so I wanted to document it here! It’s super easy , and works like a charm! With lots of adventures planned for the summer before our next little babe arrives, I need to make sure that none of us are miserable and attacked by bugs and gnats!

I get an 8 oz spray bottle and fill it with:

20 drops of Citronella (This oil is the BEST for keeping bugs away!!)

10 drops Tea Tree

10 drops Peppermint

10 drops Lemongrass

Then I fill the bottle 1/3 full of Witch Hazel (this helps the oils to disperse through the spray top evenly) Then I top off with water. Give it a good shake and spray it alllllll over!

This can also be used when camping to spray down your camp site! As always, I only like to use Young Living Essential Oils, as I know they are pure, and therapeutic grade oils – so they don’t have any synthetic fillers or fragrances mixed in with them, like you can find in some of the oils you buy at grocery stores.


It’s Memorial Day this weekend here in the US! I’m already counting down the days until our annual camping trip! This holiday is one of my favorites, because it feels like it’s the real quick off to Summer! Do you have any family traditions or things you do for Summer Holidays? Stay tuned for our next blog post to see some of ours!


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  1. My 10 year old grandson has just conquered tree climbing. I am a coward and have to go indoors when he goes up. Fortunately my husband, his grandfather, loved tree climbing and spots him. I bet your little boy will climb trees in time, too.

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