We're always striving to keep giving this guy new opportunities and experiences, access to nature and the opportunity to run wild, and let his imagination be free.


Ok first things first, I AM NOT A FOOD BLOGGER. So my photos aren't professional, I'm definitely no expert... but I can make sourdough bread. Which is proof that this recipe is a good one and most importantly an easy one if I can get a decent loaf of bread from it! I've had a few requests for the recipe, so I wanted it referenced in one spot that I can send people to grab it. So this isn't an adventure post, so if you don't care just skip over it!


Our little dude thrives when he is outside, so we have been trying to make an effort to get him out exploring more and more! This weekend we went to the mountains to hike, let him run around, get dirty, and play in the water.  Hiking these days sure looks a lot different than it used being 7 months pregnant and having a two year old with us... but it's always so fun and good to get out in the fresh mountain air!


This weekend was full of outdoors adventures for our baby boy's 2nd Birthday! I still don’t know how this happened but it is so fun watching him grow up and learn new things and we are just trying to cherish every moment before baby brother joins our family in a few months!