This weekend was full of outdoors adventures for our baby boy’s 2nd Birthday! I still don’t know how this happened 🤣 but it is so fun watching him grow up and learn new things and we are just trying to cherish every moment before baby brother joins our family in a few months!

This kid LOVES playing in the water, and since  we couldn’t have a big birthday party at the splash pad like I wanted to this year, my husband built us one in the backyard he could play in! (He’s so handy and whenever I dream up these ideas and things I want….he just makes them- I’m so lucky! And this was so fun and the perfect idea to keep a busy two year old  entertained!

He had a blast running though the water obstacles – getting soaked, then running to the sandbox to get dirty, then running back through all the water. He’s such a little adventurer and outdoors boy just like his daddy. It was sunny and hot and such a fun birthday!

Being in the sun all day was perfect but exhausting 😉 but here are the summer essentials  I definitely couldn’t have survived the day without…👇👇

☀️ Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen! This kid has my fair skin and we both need this stuff! (The best switch and ditch you can make this summer is switching to a mineral sunscreen! Even if you just google the toxic ingredients in regular sunscreen you will be bombarded with the mainstream media articles about the danger of sunscreen entering the bloodstream )
☀️Citronella and Lemongrass Essential Oils diffusing on our deck while we were outside to keep the bugs away! These two oils are the best for pesky, unwanted critters when you are trying to enjoy a night outdoors!
☀️ After Sun Lavaderm Spray and Lavender oil rubbed on our skin after we showered and cleaned up to soothe the sun stressed skin after being in the heat all afternoon!
☀️ Peace and Calming and Valor Essential Oils diffusing at night since we were out and playing all day to help us calm down and wind down! Plus it helps set the peaceful atmosphere for the night.
☀️ Digize rolled on our tummies after too much cake and ice cream! This one was a must! 😉

We have learned to love the slower days at home and adapt to whatever situation we have thrown at us! There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, so we are making sure we take time to enjoy our family and focus on what really matters to make the most out of each day.

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  1. What a wonderful idea to make a back yard water park. Did he invent the things or did he use a plan from the internet? I would love to duplicate part of that.

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