Our little dude thrives when he is outside, so we have been trying to make an effort to get him out exploring more and more! We love to see him experience new things, and get him in new environments…. whether it’s the mountains or the desert! This weekend we went to the mountains to hike, let him run around, get dirty, and play in the water.  Hiking these days sure looks a lot different than it used to….now being 7 months pregnant and having a two year old with us… but it’s always so fun and good to get out in the fresh mountain air!

He’s getting bigger now and better at hiking and walking with us, so it’s fun to have him down on the trail! He made it the whole first half of the hike walking himself! He thought it was funny to run in front of his daddy to be the leader! But of course we had to take time to stop and find some big rocks to throw in the river. 😉 This is one of his favorite things to do. He loves to get as close as he can to the water, but this river was swift and fast so we had to keep a really close eye on him!

By the end of the day, we were all hot, exhausted and sweaty! Our favorite way to end an adventure 🙂 and since every outdoor adventure with kids needs to end with treats, we made sure to stop at the Heber Valley Creamery on our way home to get some ice cream. It was refreshing to sit on the grass with a cold treat, and let this little one keep running around. I wish I had the energy right now to match his!

As always, we had our trusty Mineral Sunscreen from Young Living to use while we were outside in the sun all weekend, and the After Sun Lavaderm Mist to soothe our sun stressed skin after a long hot day! These are two of my favorite summer essential products! We are so thankful to have natural, non toxic products to take on our adventures with us and keep us healthy and safe! If you want to learn more about the non toxic products we use for our family click Here


One quote I have always loved is, “You don’t find the happy life, you make it.” We try to always live by that, and live for the moments that we can’t put into words. Making memories with family and kids is so important to us. These are the days we never want to forget!


21 thoughts on “Midway

  1. I will be eager to see what backpack arrangements you come up with in the future for two kids. I love the shade this one provides.

  2. Being in nature is my favourite and the backpacking looks fun… Looking forward for more from you.

  3. What a perfect day trip! I also walked a whole lot when I was pregnant–3 miles a day all the way up to my due date. I think it really did help!

  4. Oh wow it really sounds a very amazing trip you had there..Seems like really had great fun..Glad you shared your experience with us..Thanks indeed…

  5. it looks like a great day trip! it is awesome that you share this passion with the whole family!

  6. I can’t wait to these travel restrictions let up. This is going to be one of my first destinations!

  7. It is indeed a lovely place to explore, Such great captures I must say that and your description is lovely

  8. I must confess that the ice cream caught my attention and made me wish for some this summer. Haha. That said, what a beautiful landscape to escape to on a trip.

  9. Getting kids interested in hiking, walking and the outdoors early pays many dividends. My one son is an avid bike rider and cycles everywhere and I managed a 3 day back country hike with my younger son a few years back. Nothing beats the outdoors. Cheers. Allan

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