We’re always striving to keep giving this guy new opportunities and experiences, access to nature and the opportunity to run wild, and let his imagination be free. So this past weekend we decided to head up Santaquin Canyon to get our outdoor experience.

The gate to drive up the canyon was still closed due to mudslides and fires from years past, so we started out our hike a little sooner than we thought we would, but it actually made it better – because without a lot of other traffic in and out of the canyon, it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves!  Plus it let me bring the stroller too since we had paved roads most of the time, which being a mama I was pretty happy I could bring more stuff with me this way, instead of only what we can carry in our packs!

The road winds up and around the river most of the way, which our little guy just loved. One of his favorite things is being able to find rocks to throw in the water, and this area gave us endless places to stop and let him play in the water, and of course get muddy.

Being in nature surrounded by trees without a bunch of people around is definitely our style of being outdoors! It lets us truly feel like we are away from the hustle and bustle of the world, to really feel like we can recharge! It’s our favorite way to spend our family time together.

Sunday morning we took a quick stop at Payson Lakes before heading home. There are trails that follow the perimeter of the lake that makes it fun for a quick morning walk! You can fish everywhere, take canoes and boats out on the water, and so much more. It’s a fun place to have a day excursion if you’re close to the area and want somewhere to go, that isn’t too far away.

Since I’m getting closer and closer to having this baby, I always make sure I have some of my favorite supplies on hand in case I get sick, or super tired… which happens a lot these days. Right now one of my favorite things is Aromaease Essential Oil, that helps with nausea and motion sickness. This pregnancy brought on motion sickness in full force for me, which I’ve never had before and this has been a lifesaver on road trips! This is a blend of Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger, Cardamom, and Fennel. It’s a fresh bold scent made to combat nausea and motion sickness! I put a drop on my wrists or behind my ears, or just take a quick sniff from the bottle when I really need it! I’m always leaning towards more natural remedies and products, and if you’re interested in how I use Essential Oils in my day to day life, click HERE .


While this was a quick trip to the mountains, as always, it left us exhausted, sweaty and dirty. Our favorite way to come home after exploring the wild. We always love to be outside no matter what we do. Most of our time outdoors is spent roaming around the desert, so it’s been a fun change to stick to the mountaintops lately and let our little guy explore something new!


14 thoughts on “Creek

  1. This seems like a great creek to visit. My hubby loves taking my daughter and I on nature walks and we always come across hidden creeks.

  2. The little one seems like the adventurous kind right off the bat. Also, the place looks calm and serene.

  3. Awww, you wore him out! These are such good things for him to be exposed to. My boys and I love to go cave exploring. Just not the tiny claustrophobic ones, lol.

  4. place seems to be very fascinating and very lovely…aww that little one really looks cute and seems very adventurous…Thanks for sharing..Great work indeed…

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