We tried to beat the 100 degree weather we’ve been having in Utah lately and headed to the Uinta Mountains this past weekend. With the higher elevation it made for a nice change to finally have temperatures in the 80’s. We don’t go here often, but it’s always such a good time when we do. The Uinta Mountain Range is part of the Rocky Mountains, and is the highest mountain range in the United States that runs east to west (most run north to south). Its large and vast, and feels like there are endless outdoor activities to do here.


We drove up through Kamas and headed up the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway to start our journey. If you don’t want to go camp for a few days, we’d recommend even just a quick drive on this highway because there is so much to see, and activities to do for the day. The winding road takes you up through the mountain range, past the Provo River Falls, around Mirror Lake, and over the other side that eventually ends in Wyoming.  So it makes for a fun day to stop at some of the iconic places to see the majestic falls and lakes. There are over 1000 different lakes that are scattered all through this mountain range, with over 400 miles of rivers all over the mountains, so there is so much to see! From some of the more popular sites, to secluded lakes where you are the only one there….Imagine having a whole lake to yourself!

The Provo River Falls is one of my favorite places to stop. This time of year you can even stop and get in parts of the river, before it continues to wind down the mountain and eventually connects to Provo Canyon. This was probably our little guy’s favorite part too because any chance he has to get wet and throw rocks in the water is his kind of good time!

There are lots of trails and different hikes throughout the National Forest. While we can’t go on huge long day hikes like we used to right now, we like to wander around the shorter trails that lets us explore and that also a 2 year old can walk on himself. He loves to hike around on his own now, but we’re still so glad for our Osprey Hiking Pack that we can put him in on steeper trails, or when his little legs get tired. This backpack goes with us everywhere! We’ve been using it since he was 6 months old, and it’s been the best quality, especially with the pop out shade tent that covers his head and face when it’s super hot and sunny.

It felt like most of the state of Utah had the same idea we did this weekend as there were people everywhere! The campgrounds were full and people in canoes and paddle boards were all over most of the lakes we went to…. so it made it a little more difficult to find a place to go without a bunch of people around but we were able to find an isolated spot that was more our style of camping. And of course, we had to bbq on the tailgate like old times when it was just the two of us wandering around and we’d pull over and stop wherever for the night! Does anyone else love camping food? The only time I like to eat hot dogs is when we are out in the mountains after a hike! lol

Whether you go here for a weekend, or take a day to drive the Scenic Byway… make sure you stop at the Hi-Mountain burger joint in Kamas for lunch or a yummy treat! This place is right on Main Street in Kamas and is the best local place in town – at least we think so! So it’s an easy stop if you drive up this way.

After every trip I say we need to stop and get our little guy ice cream, but being 8 months pregnant it’s really for me 😉 Their shakes are delicious and a great way to cool off after exploring around in the sun all day. But if you want the most refreshing, tastiest drink ever- try their Raspberry Fresh Lime Soda! I wish I had one right now to sip on! We got one for all three of us to share and were fighting over who got the most! 😉

While it’s getting a little harder to maneuver and hike around in my final stretch of pregnancy, especially with this heat wave, we still are trying to make the most out of our time before this little one arrives! It was the perfect weekend and memories were made that will last forever!

18 thoughts on “Uinta

  1. Loved coming along for the hike. It looks like something is attacking some of your trees there. Here some bug has gotten to many of our pines leaving them looking as bare as some of your trees.

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  2. Wow, that is such a nice place to visit and I like the view about the Provo River Falls is so amazing!
    I am happy for you that you can still make it and manage to hike despite of your pregnancy.

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  3. oh wow place seems to be very interesting one to visit and explore…glad you shared this with us..Thanks indeed for sharing…Great work…

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  4. I haven’t been to that Utah before, but based on the photos and your experience it would be an amazing trip! The photos are nice and it seems like you had a wonderful time! Looking forward to visiting the mountains sometime!

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