The countdown is on until this next baby comes and we’re still trying to squeeze in a few last adventures while we can! This past weekend we knew we wanted to get out and do something, but didn’t know what. So we just packed up our stuff and loaded up the truck and set out on a drive and didn’t know where we would end up. The “type a” planner in me used to have such a hard time with not knowing where we are going when we leave, but now I’ve learned just to enjoy the journey because no matter where we go we always end up having a good time. I’m grateful for a husband who has shown me that!

We headed south and started to drive through Fairview so we decided to head up the Energy Loop Scenic Byway. It’s called the Energy Loop because of the old coal mines throughout the mountain that provided fuel to the power plants below. You can even see one of the old coal mines if you stick to the main road, which is pretty neat to see! There is so much history in this area, as well as a Mammoth Discovery Site… so if you get the chance to stop and site see and learn about some of the cool historical events that happened here – take it!

This roadway takes you through some of the prettiest scenery in the Manti La Sal National Forest that definitely doesn’t get enough attention compared to some of the other destination spots in Utah. It definitely doesn’t feel as touristy either – so we loved not having to deal with a ton of other people on our journey.Ā  It’s nice to be in more isolated areas that truly lets you appreciate the nature and views around you.


There are multiple roads to take you through to Scofield, up to Huntington, or down to Helper. Any road you take will let you experience the mountaintops and majestic views that take you up well up to 10,000 ft.

There are multiple camp spots tucked away from the main highway and right near so many lakes and trails! Especially with the temps lately, you’ll want to make sure you’re near shade and water! Our little dude always makes sure to plow straight to the water as soon as he spots it šŸ˜‰ I wasn’t planning to swim this trip (but should have known better!) We also wish we packed up our fishing gear, but still had a fun time near the shore and wading through the lakes around us! Plus he thought it was pretty cool that he got to “swim” with the ducks floating around us too!

I always make sure that I take our bug repellent to keep the little critters away from us. Being pregnant and having a toddler I always try to be aware of what’s in the ingredients of the products I buy… and usually opt to make my own bug repellent using essential oils, instead of buy the toxic chemical filled ones from most stores. I like to make the spray for me, but for our little man I’ve found using bug wipes works best to get it on his skin, and not mist it in his eyes and mouths while he tries to squirm away! šŸ™‚

Young Living has some Bug Repellent wipes that you can purchase which is what I normally use on him – but unlucky for me was out and since we packed up on a whim I wasn’t fully prepared like I normally am when we go hiking and camping. I knew we were going to need them and not wanting to go without – I hurried and tried to whip some up real quick before we left.


This recipe is so easy! I took some of the Young Living Essential Baby Wipes that we had on hand. I just mixed up a quick solution of Citronella and Tea Tree Essential oils and some Witch Hazel in a mason jar. Then I just put a few of the wipes in the jar and shook it all up to disperse everything evenly! These wipes already contain lavender and geranium which are so soothing for skin but also work to keep bugs away too! So the combination of everything together worked like a charm! I was pretty impressed and also wondered why I hadn’t ever thought to do this before. It was cost effective and safe to use on everyone while we were outside!


What about you… what are some of your favorite places to travel in the summer when it’s hot??? Let’s see if we can get any other adventures in this month!


14 thoughts on “Manti La Sal

  1. Aww looks so amazing, I love getting outside any enjoying nature. thanks for sharing your time

  2. The scenery looks absolutely gorgeous and it seems like you had a fun time outdoors! For me I enjoy going to the beach during summer, I wish things would get better and that we could all enjoy the outdoors freely like old times! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

  3. I love the place you’ve went, the nature surrounding you is so mesmerizing especially the water looks amazing.

  4. wow! the place looks absolutely magical! I would very much enjoy spending my time there too

  5. Glad you shared your experience with us..the view looks so beautiful and interesting and seems like you really had great time there..great trip..

  6. Wow! This place looks so wonderful and peaceful! I would love to go here and spend even just for 3 days. I am sure it will be stress free.

  7. Never been to this place but that place looks very vibrant to relax and unwind. Looks like you had a great time there!

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