We’re still here! Took a slight hiatus from blogging while we welcomed our new sweet babe into the world and adjusted to life with two babies 😉 Even though blogging took a little back burner, we still managed to get out a few times with our kiddies this winter and felt like these little adventures needed a permanent place on our blog. Especially now since winter feels like it is in full force with snow pounding the nation, we wanted to reminisce on warmer (well… kind of warmer ) times!

Of course we had to take the littlest one to see some of our favorite spots in Southern Utah. While the temps started to drop back home, we started to migrate south. Visiting Indian ruins, special archaeological sites, and taking in the red rocks and mountain views!

Adventuring before we had kids was probably our favorite thing to do. It’s something so important to us, and instilling a love for the outdoors is something we want for our kiddies. So even though it’s been a HUGE adjustment traveling with two young kiddies we are still making and finding time to do it. Our toddler thrives when he is outside and can just play in the dirt and get as dirty as he wants. He is definitely just like his daddy! That is something I always try to tell people, don’t stop doing what you love just because you have kids. Start incorporating them into it! We would be two sad folks if we didn’t get out and hike and camp until these kids were older.

So as the sun shines today for the first time all week, we are counting down the days until spring! We’re looking forward to warmer temps, more adventures with our family, and more consistently sharing our outdoor adventures again!

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  1. Glad to see you back! Your little ones are cute! My husband and I want to get out that way and explore Arizona and Utah. We are making plans for when we feel safe to take big trips again.

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