With the temperatures rising and it feeling more and more like spring we have been dying to get out and explore somewhere new! We had one of the warmest weekends so far this year so we decided to head south and take these kiddies somewhere they have never been before. Utah has so many hidden gems and monumental places to explore, so there is always somewhere to go and something new to do.

Just past Hanksville, Utah lies the Henry Mountains. This Mountain Range is famously known for it’s amazing hunting units, and this time of year, its a Mecca for Shed Hunters looking for the biggest horns they can find. At the base of the snowy mountain peaks you’ll be surrounded by red rock and desert landscape. So for us, it felt like we got the best of both outdoor worlds 🙂 There are winding roads that will lead you along cliffs and mesas and deer and buffalo scatter the mountain tops. It is wild and rugged terrain – just like we like it! We spent the day hiking our own trails and we were able to wander and explore without any other people around. It was so refreshing.

The next day we headed south down the highway to explore Ticaboo. This area is just north of Lake Powell. Here you can follow the Burr trail that has some of the best views overlooking the massive lake on one side, and the Henry’s on the other. You’re surrounded by red rock and and it feels a little like I would imagine what hiking on Mars is like 😉

This felt like the perfect spot to hike with our kids because there was sandy flat terrain we could all hike on that wasn’t too difficult. They had a blast playing in the sand and climbing on the rocks. There are so many outdoor adventures to keep you busy around here, so there is something everyone can do. From hiking to rock climbing and repelling, to off-roading, to fishing, and of course water recreation sports in the summer. You can even drive along scenic byway 12 that takes you over and through the tops of the mountains down to Escalante. So you can take in the views from the car if that’s more your style too.

If you visit this area in the summer you are definitely going to want to be on the water because temps can reach well over 100 degrees, but this time of year it’s perfect to explore some of the infamous landmarks on foot. It’s also perfect weather for fishing! We can’t wait to go back when it’s warmer and cruise the winding water ways and red rock cliffs in a boat and let these babies see first hand why so many people choose this as their vacation destination in the summer.

While it takes a lot of extra work and preparation to take our kids on outdoor adventures, it’s definitely worth the effort. Being able to explore and see the world through their eyes makes you feel like you are seeing these areas for the first time again. There is something special about seeing your kids fall in love with all of your favorite outdoor spots too! We love raising these kiddies to love and appreciate the wild outdoors just like we do.

29 thoughts on “Ticaboo

  1. So gorgeous there! Looks like you and your family had so much fun! I’d love to go (100 degrees is hot though!!)

  2. I’ve never heard of these places so I’m glad I read this! I love Southern Utah and am always looking for new areas to explore 🙂

  3. What a stunning area, this is definitely a place I’d love to go and do some walking and abseiling.

  4. Wow. It seems like only yesterday that you were expecting number two! He looks quite filled out, so it must have been a while. Glad to see you back for sure.

    1. Yes he is already so big! I love it but it makes me sad at the same time! Lol time goes by way too fast!! Here’s to adventures with two babies in tow 🤣

  5. Your kids are so cute! My family has always wanted to visit a place like that, where we can go hiking and rock-climbing. We’re fans of outdoor adventures!

    1. Thank you! We love it so much! I hope you get the chance to!
      Although I’d have to say where you are is so beautiful as well and we’d love to get a chance to travel there!

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