The snow has been coming down the past week and we have been looking for something different to do with our kids to still get everyone outside even with the freezing temps. So we headed out to the west desert where there was less snow so we could explore some new territory and check out the Baker Hot Springs. We love hot springs in the winter because it feels mystical and magical when you see the steam rising into the air from the hot water. It makes for the perfect backdrop and contrast to the cloudy skies and snow covered mountains. Plus when it’s 30 degrees outside nothing feels better than a hot soak!

The Baker Hot Springs are geothermal springs located on Fumarole Butte and about 20 miles northwest of Delta, Utah. What is most appealing to us about these hot springs is that they are in a desolate area in the desert so it really felt like we were in the middle of nowhere – definitely our style!! Some hot springs can be super crowded on nights and weekends and some people go by the motto of clothing optional, so if you’re looking for solitude like we were, go early in the morning or midweek to beat the crowds and don’t forget a towel to dry off after!

Baker Hot Springs, Delta

The main area consists of three cement soaking pools that vary in temperature. There is a cool water spring on the west side that can be used to fill the soaking tubs with colder water so you have control to cool and warm the pools to the temperature you like. How cool is it that the temperature can be adjusted? Not many natural hot springs allow you to do that. The water is just a couple feet deep and large enough for a few people in each tub. They are also accessible from the parking lot – so no hiking required if you’re just looking for a hot soak.

Baker Hot Springs, Utah

The source of the hot water runs down from a little channel with multiple pools branching out from there. Some of the water in these pools can be extremely hot so check the temperature before entering because some are scalding to the touch. We definitely had to keep a close eye on our kids and pup in some of these areas. We had lots of fun hiking around to check out the different pools and even explored to the top of the butte that was covered in black volcanic rock from billions of years ago.

Some locals like to keep the location of certain hot springs a secret and for good reason. When people come and leave their trash and garbage all over it destroys the natural beauty of these places. So if you visit here or any other hot springs make sure to respect the land and practice the, “Leave No Trace Principles.” Pack out what you pack in and as my husband always says, leave the area better than you found it so we can keep enjoying these areas for years to come!

15 thoughts on “Baker Hot Springs

  1. Take only memories and leave only footprints is a good motto to live by when hiking in nature. Two many seem to dump their trash, leave their initials and do other destructive things. This looks like an interesting landscape to hike in Melanie. Stay well. Allan

    1. I love that saying to take memories and leave foot prints- it’s so true!! I need to start using that one too- it’s always a sad thing to see places destroyed by vandalism. So glad there are still so many good people who respect the land and take care of it too! Thank you for reading and your comment!!

  2. Looks like a beautiful spot, Melanie! I like how the clouds echo the patches of snow on the ground in your last picture. Thanks for reminding people of the “leave no trace” principle.

    1. It’s so fun in the winter! Summers in the desert can get soooo hot- so hot springs never sound appealing when it’s 100 degrees 🤣 but winter is perfect!
      Thank you for reading!

  3. Hot springs are always so good to visit…you kind of can’t shake the feeling that something weird is happening right beneath your feet! We just cannot get our head around why people – anyone anywhere- would think it’s ok to just leave litter behind. It’s appalling.

    1. I know right??! It’s so sad to see some of the coolest places with trash all over! Glad there are still good people who take care of them though too!!
      Thanks for reading!!

  4. What a perfect spot for wintery weather. I bet the kids had a blast. I’ve never heard of Baker Hot Springs.
    I had to head over to Google maps. We need to get back to exploring Utah again. It’s been a few years and it’s one of my very favorite states. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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