We have loved incorporating our kids into our adventures. Here are some of our favorite things that have made adventuring with little ones a bit easier.

We LOVE our Osprey Kid Carrier Backpacks. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without them. While there are a lot of brands out on the market these days, we think these are the comfiest for us and our kids to be in, the sturdiest, and overall out of all we have tried these are our favorite. When it comes to these carriers you definitely get what you pay for. 
We use the Osprey Poco Plus Carrier for our three year old. We’ve been using this since he was 6 months old and it has grown with him. 
For our one year old we use the Osprey Poco LT version. This is their newest, smallest, lighter carrier. We decided to invest in a second carrier so we could still go on longer hikes together, and this has been perfect for me to wear with our youngest!
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Now that our toddler is getting a little more independent we bought him his own hiking backpack for when we do our shorter hikes and he isn’t in a carrier. This is the Osprey Daylight. He loves to pack his own snacks in this and it gets him excited to hike on his own! It’s small, lightweight and even fits a water bladder. 
We definitely upped our camping game this summer by investing in a Rtic Cooler.  We have gone through our fair share of coolers over the years and most of them have left our food soggy because the ice melts so fast in them. With Rtic their tagline is #overbuiltnotoverpriced and we have certainly found that to be true. It has gone everywhere we have, kept our ice all weekend and our food has stayed dry and our drinks have stayed cold! The pricing is way better than some similar items on the market. This is the 65 qt Hard Cooler.
We have loved our KEEN WATER sandals. They have been perfect for us to hike in and go from dirt trails to water. For our review and a more detailed post on each of our exact shoes click HERE.