Essential Oils

Why I only Use Young Living Essential Oils

The vast majority of essential oils on the market today are only suitable for cosmetics and perfumes. The reason Young Living’s oils are so different is their unmatched commitment to producing a pure, unadulterated oil. Young Living’s devotion to creating a highly therapeutic product means they’ve invested in their own farms, care for and nurture their own plants, trees, and shrubs, and finally distill, test, and bottle the oils that arrive on your doorstep. They have their own farms and distilleries all over the world!

I’ve seen this first hand at their farm in Mona, Utah.

No other company owns farms or distilleries. If at any point in that production process something doesn’t meet their standards, they get rid of it and start again. This is called Young Living’s Seed to Seal® process….and it is unmatched!! Every step from planting to bottling is detailed and controlled.

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