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Leaving Traces 

“I had the great opportunity to travel all over Utah this summer and had some unforgettable experiences that forever changed me. From deep in the heart of the Uinta Mountains where I slept outside in freezing cold weather, to the furthest slot in Zion National Park where I hiked all day with a sweat stained t-shirt — and everything in between.”

A Helper Haunting

It’s always fun to see the random sights and old cities and towns one might think to just drive right through. Even though we were a little disappointed we didn’t have any ghost encounters we still had the best time!

Canyon Country

We definitely had another successful adventure to add to the books. Living in Utah has allowed us to see so many different locations in various seasons and with the weather always changing, we constantly feel like we have a new experience each time we go out, even if we have been there before.

Mountain Color

We couldn’t resist a Sunday drive up the canyon to see the leaves as they are starting to change. The crisp, cool air paired with the colorful backdrop was the perfect day. Goodbye summer, hello fall!

Travel Theme: Transport

Transportation can be an entertaining addition to any adventure. We have probably all heard the cliché saying “getting there is half the fun,” but it definitely rings true.

Give It A Break

The best journeys answer questions that in the beginning you didn’t even think to ask.